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New Visa requirements 2020 highlighted in blue

To avoid confusion, we are listing ALL of the visa application Requirements here.

Please CHECK them off against any application you are doing for your friends or relatives.

Most of this info is found in the passport.


    If you are applying for more than 1 visa, put ALL of the passports on the left FACE UP and then as you finish each passport, move them to the right side of your keyboard and put them FACE DOWN.

  1. Contact Details
  2. Passport Number
  3. Country issuing the Passport
  4. ID Number (IC) number (** if applicable) and only if in passport
    • This is only entered IF it is in the passport.
      • Americans do NOT use your SSN
  5. Applicants Date Of Birth
  6. Gender
  7. Country of birth (important)
  8. Passport ISSUE date
  9. Passport EXPIRY date
    • make sure it has longer than 6 months from the travel date ***
    • *** some airlines will not let you travel on a passport with less than 6 months validity.
  10. Applicants SURNAME
    • This is your Family name or Last name or Fathers Name. The common name of your family.
  11. Applicants Given Names
    • (exactly as shown in the passport)
    • DO NOT REPEAT Surname in the Given Names
    • DO NOT uses Titles, Mr, Mrs, MS etc or post titles such as Snr, Jnr, I, II, III etc
    • Do not use S/O or D/O or Bin or Binte or any other version of these
  12. Womens MAIDEN name (if applicable)
  13. Type of visa (tourist or business)
  14. Other Citizenship?
    • (Does the applicant hold Citizenship for ANY OTHER COUNTRIES ?)
    • up to 3 countries may be listed
  15. RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS of applicant - PO Boxes are NOT accepted.
    • PO Boxes are NOT accepted.
  16. ALIAS
    • (Has the applicant ever legally been known by another name?)
    • This includes if the name was changed when the person got married.
    • (Yes or No answer)
    • Has the applicant ever been sentenced to 12 months or more in jail? (regardless of whether they served any time in jail)
    • Details are NOT required.
  18. Issuing Authority (information in the passport)

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