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Helping Singaporeans travel to Australia since September 1999.


If we cannot process your ETA Visa application, we guarantee to refund your money for any visa application Not approved.

Plus - we offer the cheapest ETA Visas online for over 9 years


Quick Answers

  1. How do I know you are genuine ?
  2. How Much each ?
  3. I just want to apply
  4. Do I need a Visa to visit Australia ?
  5. Why are you so cheap ?
  6. Can I apply online here for my ETA visa ?
  7. Do you take credit cards and debit cards ?

Before you apply, you must have read the Passport Conditions and the ETA Visa Conditions.

  • Your passport must be from an ETA Visa approved country such as Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Canada etc etc
  • you must have a valid credit card with you to apply via our SSL secure payment gateway.

We accept:

Credit Cards
Debit cards

We accept:

Government approved ETA Visa processing centre


Prices for 12 month ETA Visas

  • ETA Visitor Visa = » $17.00 SING
  • ETA Tourist Visa = » $17.00 SING
  • ETA Holiday Visa = » $17.00 SING
  • ETA BUSINESS Visa = » $17.00 SING

Do I need a Visa to visit Australia ?

Yes, absolutely yes. Everyone travelling to Australia must have a visa, adults, children and babies.

How do you know if we are genuine ?

Simple, if you have a previous visa on THIS current or previous passport, simply fill in THIS SHORT FORM, we can check and tell you your Date of Birth as proof.

Plus, we have been processing ETA Visas since SEP 1999. Think about it, we have to be legitimate to be doing it for so long.

Priority is given to new visa applications. Your email will be answered ASAP, usually within 10 - 20 minutes.

Why are you so cheap ?

Actually, we are NOT cheap.

The Aust Govt has a recommended price of $20 AUD per visa. Any company which charges you £20 + or $20 USD + is simply ripping you off.

Can I apply online here for my ETA visa ?

Yes, Pls click the APPLY NOW button below.

Do you take credit cards and debit cards ?

Yes we do.

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